Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Join Us at Jo-Anns' in Hurst for "Bow Dazzling" (First Sunday of every month 3-6pm)

Making bows and headbands for young girls with difficult illnesses is a labor of love for the friends and family of Bow Dazzling.
Every 3-4 months Bow Dazzling takes 200-300 bows and headbands to Cook Children’s Oncology Clinic in Fort Worth. Our first goal is to share our bows with all of the children’s oncology clinics in the DFW area. This may be a simple goal but it does take time and resources. We are so grateful to all of those who have already helped by donating their time making homemade bows and to those who have donated ribbon, fabric, and sewing and craft materials.
We hope that for a moment in time a young girl can take her mind off her illness and realize she's special. With each bow we want these girls to know that they are loved and someone is thinking about what they are going through. Girls can try on bows and pick out their favorites. We want these precious girls to feel special, feel loved and Be Dazzling!
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Bow Dazzling in the NewsNBC Channel 5 News Story Uplifting Kids With Cancer With BowsBow Dazzling team helps kids with cancer
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