Monday, July 13, 2015

"Craft & Crop" At the Bird House

I can't wait to see  you all again. I have started my new job and am working hard to get into the groove of a new routine. Here are the projects for this months projects.
Here is the Craft that we will be doing this weekend July 18th at my home. This is called a Box Drawer. You can put a gift in it or make a set of cards and give that as a gift. I made it out of card stock, but you could make it out of light weight chip board and create a cute box for your child, grandchild or friend.
Here is a view of when it is opened.
The next item is the card we will be creating. This style is called A Latch Card. I used the theme for a girl friend.
Here is the inside of the card and the quote I chose.
Here is the set of Scrapbook pages you will be creating, the theme is Summer Time Fun.
Here is the quote for this page
Sorry I have not been posting for so long. Every time I went to post something I had trouble. I finally got tired of trying and stopped. I was just posting on Face book. I decided to try again and it seems to be working. So I will continue to post again. Hope to see you at my home for "Craft & Crop" and a wonderful time together.
Marye Bird
Call or text to reserve your spot for this Sat. July 18th at 6:30-Midnight.