Monday, February 6, 2017

February 2017 "Craft & Crop at the Bird House" Scrapbook Pages

This is our two page scrapbook kit I made for each of you. It is different than usual. These pages were created to display as decor in your home, then with you get tired of it you can add it to your family scrapbook or give it as a sweet gift. Page 1 has a waterfall design photo holder for 9   6 X 4 photos.

 I cut this Chevron pattern from my Cricut using Creative Cards cartridge.

This is my favorite way to create my own flower embellishments. I cut these two sizes from Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook and the center is the same cut using the grey bottom Italic for the centers, the leaves I cut from Creative Cards cartridge. I chalked and curled the petals.

You can find the perfect quotes on line, print them, chalk and layer them and they look so cool.

This is the Water Fall style photo mat that will hold 9   6 X 4 photos.

Page 2 has a full page pocket that holds three 6 X 4 photo mats you can put photos on both sides and hold 6 photos. Plus there are three journal tags.

I added more of the same style flowers

and another quote,

Then I made three 6 X 4 Photo mats you can put photos on both sides getting 6 photos on this page, and three journal tags.

At the top I used the scraps from cutting the Chevron pattern for the first page.

 I have 12 seats available, we would love for you to join us. Text or call for reservations "Craft & Crop at the Bird House" 817-999-8223 Hope to see you there.
Marye Bird

February "Craft & Crop at the Bird House"

Here is the card craft that we will be creating.
his Month at Craft & Crop at the Bird House, we will be creating this 6 Fold card with Belly Band. It was lots of fun to make and I would like to give credit to Dawn Griffith over at

view when opened.

You can add your sentiments in multiple places or stamp designs etc.

You start folding  the bottom 2 flap in toward the center

 Then fold top and bottom toward the center.

Then left over flaps are folded toward the center.

Slip the Belly Band over your card and you are done.

To reserve your seat  for our February 11, 2017 event, text or call 817-999-8223 Hope to see you. Remember I have limited seating so reserve now.
Marye Bird

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

February's 2017 Craft & Crop at the Bird House Craft Project

Here is the new February Craft we will be doing. It is a sweet Gate cover Album. I got the idea for this from a crafty lady over at LM's Crafty Creations.

I made the bones of this album out of recycled chipboard.  Recycling comes from years as a Girl Scout Leader. And saves dollars too!

Here is the Album before I decorated it.

The Binding on either side is 2" thick.

There are 8 tri-fold pages

And has the Gate Fold in front.

Here is the cover after I finished decorating it. I used a Grafic45 paper pack (Time to Celebrate)

On the right, I started with the inside cover, it has a pocket with two sweet note cards. you can layer the backs if you want and journal or put smaller photos.

This is done to both sides of the inside cover.
This album has four pages on each side, two large and two small pages. I started on the right with the small page. You can decorate any way you please. I put a thin pocket at the bottom on the left, layered and inserted one of the note cards from my paper pack. On the right I layered and framed Happy Birthday embellishment and made a tuck spot, where you just adhere one side or top or bottom and then you can stick something up under it. I framed and tucked another note card. 

Next is an example of a large page. The Large pages have a pocket on one side, I made two large mats for photos, and took one of the cards from the pack and framed it. I placed them in the side pocket. On the other side of this folded page is a Belly Band. After decorating I placed a photo mat under the Belly Band. 

When I folded this part of the card over, I embellished it with a stamp, and at the bottom I made a tuck spot and created this note card to slip under it.

When I folded the card over again you have a large pocket where I placed a photo mat and another layered card. Each large page can be done similar to this or you can change it up. 

There are three Booklets for this project that can go into any page you choose, mine went one on each side in a Belly Band.

and the third went in the pocket on the inside back of the album with the flap hanging over the pocket. I also added a couple of photo mats too

Here is the finished project. I put ribbon through the hole I punched and then put the closure through and covered the backing when I covered the inner covers on each side. 

Here is what it looks like from the front of the Gate front Album.

Here is the finished project from the side.

Another front view while laying down on table.

I love how cute this turned out. Don't be intimidated by this project. It was not hard at all. We will make the album but the decorating is up to you. 
I hope you liked the idea. I will give out printed instructions and decor measurements to make it a breeze. 
If you would like to join us for this pretty project. Text me with name and number, and I will add you to the reserved seat list. Remember when the 11 seats are reserved, that is it. I will post the other projects soon. Hope to see you there. 
Marye Bird
Text 817-999-8223 call and leave message 817-595-5842

Create your own Tim Holtz Album and card closures.

I made this cool Gate Fold Mini Album for our next Craft & Crop craft project, and I needed a type of closure. The ones I saw when I researched were so expensive to purchase 12 of them. So I started Googling to find something less costly and found this cool YouTube video done by Kellie Colegrove. Thank you so much Kellie for taking the time to share this. It is great!

She starts out by taking a brad, and an eyelet.

Put the eyelet back wards over the prongs of your brad.


 Move it to up to the head of your brad. Make your hole in your card or album where you will want your latch to be and put the prongs through your hole.

 Open the prongs and flatten them apart.(sorry about the focus)

 Here is a picture of what it should look like.

 Another view

And another view. Hopefully you can get the idea. I hope you can find use for this. I was delighted. and will use it with more craft projects.

Monday, June 27, 2016

July's Craft Is Ready to View!

 This our craft for July's Craft & Crop at the Bird House for the 9th. It is a "Waterfall Mini album".

 This album has a pocket at the bottom inside of Album cover and I put some cards in the pocket. I cut around the camera on the main card and that way I could place items inside to hold them.
 This is the inside of the back of the cover where I added embellishments I cut out of my paper pack and framed with black card stock.
 This is the back of the album. I put a strip down to cover up the ribbon I needed to hold the waterfall together.
 I decorated the outside cover as shown.
 Here is the finished project when you open it up.
 this is a view laying down on my desk.

 This album has 39 places for cards in the waterfall section.
 You can see from this side view

 Just a couple of pages that you can see.
 This is the back inside cover.
It was lots of fun creating this Water Fall Album. Hope to see you Sat. to make it for yourself.