Saturday, April 27, 2013

Design Team Project #50

No white black brown or grey. Here is a project called Blooming Box. I have always wanted to try one of these so here it is. We will be making one of these tonight at my house for "Craft & Crop at the Bird House. This is an easy craft and in expensive. You don't have to buy expensive embellishments because you cut them from your scraps.

"Craft & Crop at the Bird House!

Tonight is the next "Craft & Crop at the Bird House. Here is the list I have Rita, Susan C. Deniz, Pamela, Roscell, Jennifer and Debbie. Sue P. called and said she was not going to make it. Don't for get your dish to share. We are going to have a blast! Here is a picture of the projects we will be working on. Can't wait to see you there!

Here is the Two page Scrapbook project
This is the design we will create for our card, but the quote will be for Mothers' Day. You could send this to anyone with what ever quote you like. I love the design.

This is one of the crafts (A wall hanging) we will be working on using brads. If you have photos of your mother or someone you may consider a mother figure, bring a couple of copies of the photos. I have a printer so we could try doing it here if you don't have access to a printer. You could even make it for a sister who is a wonderful mother. You could put any photos you want, make it for a friend
This will be an extra craft. I have always wanted to do this one. If we don't have time we can do it at our next "Craft & Crop".
Marye Bird

Friday, April 19, 2013

Buy One Get One Classes! at Jo-Ann's

April 19 Starts Buy One Get One Classes. This is the time to sign up the kiddos for fun classes for the summer or classes that you have been wanting to take. Check out the New May-June catalog and get signed up.

Browse this Sales Flyer Here is what the May-June catalog looks like. There are some really cool projects to make. And we have two classes that you can only get here at Jo-Ann's in Hurst. Pop Top Jewelry and Pick your Project. Pop Top Jewelry is creating jewelry with recycled Pop Tops. Here is just a sample of what you can create after you have taken this class.


Then there is Pick Your Project, this is a class for those sewing projects that you started and never finished either because you did not have time, or got discouraged with. Bring them on. Our Sewing instructor will help you get them finished. So, sign up over the phone or come in and sign up for those classes while the Buy One Get One is going on. This special will end Sunday at closing.

Just-a-scrappin New Arrival Project

Ok, the project for New Arrival could be for a real baby or a baby animal. I chose this cute card that you can create using the Cricut Cartridge "Stretch Your Imagination. I often hear from friends that they they are not creative. Where do I start?  This cartridge has a card already designed for you, you just choose your colors and decorate it. So here ya go.

You cut the base card (I used pink card stock) Then chose blue for the second layer, I used yellow for the layers on the baby carriage.

I found this cute quote on line, printed it on yellow paper and framed it with scraps from this project.

 I had some pink ribbon that has been floating around in my ribbon basket for 3 years. So I added that from the top of my card to the bottom and attached it inside on the back. I took my small hole punch and punched a couple of circles and used foam stickers to add them to the ribbon. I had some white pearl stickers from a past project (more of the recycling I love so much). I took scrapes of pink and blue sheer ribbon and made bows, I attached them to the circles.. I cut a piece of striped paper from my scrap box and attached it behind the baby carriage and there ya go.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Gift for Someone Special

I have a sweet friend, and her an her husband are expecting a child. My friends and I are having a Baby Shower for her and we were all asked to choose a scripture for the baby. I chose one I loved and used it in creating a wall hanger that she could hang in her new babies room. I was just going to print it out on a cute card, but this way she can see the scripture and read it when ever she is in the room.

I used the same technique as the last project, using scrap chipboard from a paper pack and the large eyelets.

 I framed the scripture a couple of times with bright card stock and took some pieces of left over heart borders cut from another project to trim the corners.

 I created these paper flowers and attached them as well. then to finish it off I tied ribbon for the hanger. I hope she loves it. I loved making it. There is nothing more special than a gift that someone has given of their time to create.
Marye Bird

Another Craft for our Craft & Crop at the Bird House

I was looking for a craft to do where I could teach my friends the different types of Eyelet tools out there. I found this creative wall hanging idea. So I took copies of photos I have of my mother and used them to make this Mother's Day wall hanger. I love the way it turned out.
I started with chipboard squares that they were going to throw out at work, you can also use the front or back of your paper stacks instead of throwing them out. Then I measured my paper and glued one to each square. I used my corner punch to round the edges. I bought some large eyelets from Walmart and purchased the little tool that you need to apply them. I cropped my photos and framed them with contrasting paper. If you look close you can see that I did the eyelets on the first square backwards. Oops! this is a picture of my mother recently taken with her younger brother, (my Uncle Arnold) they had not seen each other for years so it is very special. I found this sweet poem and framed it. The yellow bubble border was a scrap I saved from another project.
Then I arranged them on each board to see how they would look and then attached them. Then I fuzzy cut some shapes and attached them here an there.
You can see the shapes I used on each square. I really love the ladybug. My mother was a beautiful young lady
Then I ran the red ribbon through each square and tied a knot at the bottom. I spaced each square and put a couple of glue dots to hold them in place. Then I tied the two ends at the top into a bow.She was a sweat child too.
This was very special project for me. I love looking at these photos because my mother was a special person in my life. Hope you like it too
Marye Bird

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just-a-scrappin Design Team Project #47

I used scraps left over from our April page to create this cute card Just-a-scrappin project #47. They requested something sunny. I started with a regular card base, then patterned paper 1/4 inch smaller. I had the sunny shape I created for our March Easter basket project and then I free cut the lady bugs from the scrap paper to embellish the card.
I will send this one to someone special.
Marye Bird

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 27 Craft & Crop at the Bird House

Here is the page we will be creating for April Craft & Crop at my home. Our theme will be Mother's Day. All the while I was creating this page I was thinking of my mother. And how I really don't see her enough. And I know my friends who have sweet moms who have passed away, they are really still here with us in the wonderful memories we have of them and all they did for us. This would be a wonderful set of pages to honor them. So, take a look. I hope you love them as much as I.

I used mostly punches for these pages. I found the paper strips from a page I saw on line and as I punched the wholes with a small punch I saved them and added them to embellish my pages. More recycling ideas. I used two different punches from Fiskar, one for the scallop design and I turned the strip of paper over and used another one for the slotted design and ran a brown ribbon through it. I then tied a brown bow and attached it with a glue dot. I made plenty of places where you could put some journaling if you wanted to. The word Mother came from a Seasonal cartridge called "Mothers Day. You would have to borrow it or purchase it on line. Once the season is over they are not usually found in stores. These pretty papers were in clearance at my Jo-Ann's and I purchased 4 packs, they are  $7.97 each they are designed by Basic Gray and the name of this pack is Serendipity. They just put our some others too, a nice big stack so get over there and get some while they last. I love the scripture where God describes a virtuous woman so I chose the verses I really loved and framed it to coordinate with the other colors in my page. Next time I post it will be with the card we will be creating. I still have a couple of seats so email me if you want to come. Can't wait to share these projects with you.
Marye Bird
Email  to let me know if you want on my list.

Friday, April 5, 2013

April 27 "Craft & Crop at the Bird House (Blomming Box)

This is the Mother's day craft we will be creating for our "Craft & Crop at the Bird House. I have always wanted to try this project, and found that it was easier than I thought. I had a great time doing it too. I want to recreate it again with some brighter color papers. This was just my test trial.

This project makes 3 boxes and they fit inside each one and then you get one pretty box.

This is great! You can use some children's themed card stock and make a Birthday box where they will have to open three gifts to get to the center box and you could put a gift in each box. I love this. I use to do this to my kids on their Birthdays.

The 3-d design was cut from some of the paper I used to make the box and the gems were left over from a previous project. So here we are saving money by cutting out our own embellishments and recycling paper and gems.
Hope you liked this as much as I liked creating it.
Marye Bird

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Classes OPEN HOUSE at Jo-Ann's

It is time for April's Classes OPEN HOUSE at my Jo-Ann's. This is the time to purchase the classes you have been wanting to try. You get them at half the price on if you sign up for the dates you want on Sat. April 6th all day long. If you just can't make it in, you can call and sign up over the phone for the same 50%. Take a look at what we offer at my Jo-Ann's. We have some fun trend classes that are offered no where else. I have a Pop-Top Jewelry class, and a Clutch Purse made from Duck Tape. And then all of the classes that Jo-Ann's is offering for April, May, and June. Remember this is the time to plan some classes for the kiddos because they will be out for Spring Break and need some fun stuff to keep them busy. Go on line and look at the classes Catalog or grab on next time you are in the store.
The classes we offer are:
Adult 16 yrs or older
Sewing 101 and higher
Knitting 101 and higher
Crochet 101 and higher
Jewelry 101 and higher
Quilting 101 and higher
Scrapbooking 101
Painting (July & Aug.)
Wilton Cake Decorating Courses 1,2,3,4 each is 4 sessions

Kids and Teen Classes 8 years and up
Crafts (Painting)
Hand sewing
Some of the 101 classes even offer free supplies while they last!
When you register you will also receive an 40% off coupon for supplies if you need them.
and a 50% off next class purchase coupon after you complete your class.
Marye Bird

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Bow Party!

"Bow Dazzling"

I want to share with all about a wonderful and fun social that is going to take place at Jo-Ann's. April 7 from 3-6 will be a Big Party going on. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to come out and join Bow Dazzling as they create hair accessories for young ladies who have life threatening illnesses. You just show up and they have all the supplies in kits and you will learn to create different styles of hair bows every month. The bows you create will be donated to some sweet young lady fighting for her life because of an illness. You get a free class on bow making and help to brighten up the life of someone else. AND IT IS FREE!

Come, bring a friend if you like, bring a grand daughter, your sister, your Girl Scout Troop, Sunday School members. This wonderful mom and her sweet cancer free daughter have committed their time and love to this ministry and you can be an important part. And it is so much fun! So, make plans to attend. Oh and because it is a party, you will get cake! You know you have to have cake at a Birthday Party. You got to come! Hope to see you there "-)

This was some of the ladies from last years Birthday party, and on the second from the left is the sweet young lady who because of her bout with cancer "Bow Dazzling" was created. 5th from the left in the white T-shirt with the pink bow is the wonderful faithful mother with the help of God, who sent so many wonderful people,  began this blessed ministry. Join them in celebration of God's leading them and all those who have and those to come who will join them in this ministry of love.
Marye Bird