Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Bow Party!

"Bow Dazzling"

I want to share with all about a wonderful and fun social that is going to take place at Jo-Ann's. April 7 from 3-6 will be a Big Party going on. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to come out and join Bow Dazzling as they create hair accessories for young ladies who have life threatening illnesses. You just show up and they have all the supplies in kits and you will learn to create different styles of hair bows every month. The bows you create will be donated to some sweet young lady fighting for her life because of an illness. You get a free class on bow making and help to brighten up the life of someone else. AND IT IS FREE!

Come, bring a friend if you like, bring a grand daughter, your sister, your Girl Scout Troop, Sunday School members. This wonderful mom and her sweet cancer free daughter have committed their time and love to this ministry and you can be an important part. And it is so much fun! So, make plans to attend. Oh and because it is a party, you will get cake! You know you have to have cake at a Birthday Party. You got to come! Hope to see you there "-)

This was some of the ladies from last years Birthday party, and on the second from the left is the sweet young lady who because of her bout with cancer "Bow Dazzling" was created. 5th from the left in the white T-shirt with the pink bow is the wonderful faithful mother with the help of God, who sent so many wonderful people,  began this blessed ministry. Join them in celebration of God's leading them and all those who have and those to come who will join them in this ministry of love.
Marye Bird