Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Craft for our Craft & Crop at the Bird House

I was looking for a craft to do where I could teach my friends the different types of Eyelet tools out there. I found this creative wall hanging idea. So I took copies of photos I have of my mother and used them to make this Mother's Day wall hanger. I love the way it turned out.
I started with chipboard squares that they were going to throw out at work, you can also use the front or back of your paper stacks instead of throwing them out. Then I measured my paper and glued one to each square. I used my corner punch to round the edges. I bought some large eyelets from Walmart and purchased the little tool that you need to apply them. I cropped my photos and framed them with contrasting paper. If you look close you can see that I did the eyelets on the first square backwards. Oops! this is a picture of my mother recently taken with her younger brother, (my Uncle Arnold) they had not seen each other for years so it is very special. I found this sweet poem and framed it. The yellow bubble border was a scrap I saved from another project.
Then I arranged them on each board to see how they would look and then attached them. Then I fuzzy cut some shapes and attached them here an there.
You can see the shapes I used on each square. I really love the ladybug. My mother was a beautiful young lady
Then I ran the red ribbon through each square and tied a knot at the bottom. I spaced each square and put a couple of glue dots to hold them in place. Then I tied the two ends at the top into a bow.She was a sweat child too.
This was very special project for me. I love looking at these photos because my mother was a special person in my life. Hope you like it too
Marye Bird