Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Craft & Crop Christmas in July was a hit!

The ladies who joined me for Craft & Crop at the Bird House requested that we do a Christmas in July for our July event. We had a full house and so much fun! Here are the cards that each lady created and passed out copy kits to everyone who attended.

This one was a top fold card with cork frame, patterned paper tag with red frame. she used an eyelet, a metal snowflake ornament, and Christmas button for embellishments.


This one was created using the easel card base and the Cricut cartridge "A Quilted Christmas". I have this cartridge and did not realize that there are some beautiful cards at the back of the book. I am so glad to know that. I love this card because Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

This one is so cute, she used glitter card stock for the base of her side fold card, then a red frame, on top of that she put a white frame, then she used Stampin Up stamp sentiments on the front of the card and the envelope. She used Cricut seasonal cartridge "Very Merry Tags" to cut out the Christmas light bulbs. She then glued small rhinestones as embellishments on each of the light bulbs. Simple and sweet!

Here is another top fold card. She added a patterned paper frame and then cut her design from "A Quilted Christmas" starting with red and layering with green and then using white. She put a little red rhinestone in the center of the snowflake. She then used her stamps to put "Joy" on the envelope and put a rhinestone and glitter on the letter "O". Very nicely done. "-)

Here is a perfect example of what you can do with stamps. She started with a white base card and put a green frame on that. then she used her stamps in a fashion to give the appearance of a glad of trees using green ink, then she used glitter so it looked like snow had fallen. Then to top it off she stamped "Seasons Greetings" to finish this wonderful card.

This was also a top flap card, she used a patterned paper frame and cut slots across the top and ran glittered ribbon through it,then attached that to the white card base.. She used lots of different textures on this one card.  She used blue textured solid paper, then green patterned paper with scalloped edges, then printed her sentiment from the computer and framed it in solid purple and rounded the corners. Then she centered the 3-D penguin on the green patterned paper and glued a piece of textured ribbon across the bottom and added some a string of Christmas lights and large rhinestones as finishing embellishments. Very creative and fun!

I love this card! It is a gift card holder the bottom of the apron is open at the fop and you can slide a gift card in there. She found this on Pintrest and made the pattern by hand. The apron base is red and then she cut one smaller using a patterned paper. the cut the square that for the bottom of the apron or pocket for the gift card out of patterned paper. Then she cut a strip of red rick rack and attached across the apron waist and added a little button with red ribbon tied through it. Last she cut a gingerbread man using her Cricut, attached it to a white solid square and framed that square with a solid red square. Then last she knotted the ends of red ribbon ant the top and there ya go!

Card with Gift Card Holder


Start by creating your card base. (Red) Cut your choice of colors for the card at 9”X 6 ¼” and then score at 4 ½” and set aside.

Now cut a frame from a solid color (Green) at 4 X 5 3/8”

Cut another frame from solid color (Red) at 3 3/8” X 5 ½”

Then cut a patterned frame 5 ¼”X 3“.

Layer them on each other in order of size large to small.

Now take a solid paper and cut 12X5

Score at 4”, 6”, and 8” and fold accordion style. It will look like a letter W if you stand it on its side.

Choose a pattern, I got mine from cutting a tag from a Cricut Cartridge "Bridal Shower" page 12 top left corner. <Gift Tag>,  lay it over the paper you just folded but let it hang over the folded side ¾” and draw pattern on it. Cut it to make the shape for the gift card holder.

Glue a strip from top to bottom and fold so the two smaller sections between the scores will be attached to each other.

Take a gift card and measure for the card opening. Use a punch or cut by hand between the two marks and you will have a place to fit the gift card.

I used Martha Stewart punch and a strip of paper 1 ½” X 3” to decorate the card holder and trimmed it to fit.

I took a punch that would allow me to weave the ribbon in and out and cut red ribbon the size to fit around the card holder leaving enough to tie a bow. Then you can attach the gift card holder to the card base.

Next for finish it off you can cut a white frame 4 X 5 3/8 and attach to inside of card to write your message.
We had a sweet lady join us for the first time and she was not aware of what we were doing, so she was not able to bring a card. But, we were able to bless her with each project we created. It was so much fun. I am so proud of all the ladies for giving of there time to give to someone else. I am looking forward to our next "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House together.
If you did not sign up at the last event for our new event in August, please email me if you would like a spot. I have only a couple left.
Marye Bird


Monday, July 22, 2013

Here is one for the kids in Your Life

This is a mini album I found that is so easy you could sit down with young ones and make them together. They could give them to there teachers, friends, Grandparents. Who ever is special to them.
You will have to decorate them this is just the bare bones I did for you here.

this one opens up and gives you three pockets to put card tags in and has a ribbon to tie it closed.

You can put photos on the 5 sides
I used two sided papers for the tags so you could also have 6 more sides to decorate. You could punch holes in the top of the tags and add ribbon or other embellishments. I hope you will try this with the younger folks in your life.
Marye Bird

Here is my favorite, Mini Album

I found this one by mistake but, I love it so much I think we will do this one for our project for Craft & Crop at the Bird House.

This is the finished project.

 It opens up in various ways to uncover 19 areas that you can put photo, embellishments, or Journaling.

Here is some of them,
And some more,
And  more,
and more,
and even more!

And it all folds up into this cute little album.

When I first saw this project, I thought it was going to be really difficult. But it was very easy! I hope you love it . I am going to get started right now making more for the ladies at Craft & Crop at the Bird house. Hope to see you there.
Marye Bird

These would be cute for gifts!

I created these using Christmas papers because I want to share them at our Craft & Crop at the Bird house event this Sat. July 27th. But you could create these for any time by just changing the papers you use.

This is the first one. I used Blue Christmas papers and ribbon.
This one is called Mini accordion pocket album. It has 4 pockets that you put card tags in and then you can also decorate page sides with photos embellishments and Journaling.

It has a sweet ribbon that you tie it closed with.

Marye Bird

Friday, July 19, 2013

Recycled Pop-Top Jewelry

I had my Oldest son and his family down for a few days, they have been stationed in Italy for 3 years. It has been a wonderful time. I showed my Oldest Granddaughter how to create these and she did such a great job. This pair she made for her mom.
Autumn, I will send them to you as soon as you get settled in Hawaii.

I have made some other Pop-Top Jewelry and have decided to sell them. This is just a few things you can do with Pop-Tops. The earrings above are done with tops from cat food or canned fruit. They are larger the the Pop-Tops. Any of these can be created in your favorite color. I wanted to see if I could get a space in some craft fairs in my area. If you know of one would you let me know how to reserve a space. These are so fun and easy to make and so many ways to design them. Let me know if you are interested.

This is a bracelet made with stretch cord so you can fit it over you wrist.

This one is the same as above, but I added jump rings and beads. You can choose what ever color you love.

This one is crocheted together and has an alligator clasp. I did it in black and should have done it in another color so you could see how pretty it is.

This one is crocheted and I used metal washers. I like this one and I want to try some different styles and designs.

Marye Bird

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Christmas in July for July 27th "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House

I was so excited about doing Christmas in July. I have already posted the card I will be passing out. Remember you ladies who have already reserved your seats, you will need to bring a card you created and 8 more kits to pass out.

OK, here are the pages we will be working on. Hope you like them.

Everything except the word "DECEMBER" and the present were created by hand. I used my computer and printer for the the "10 things I like about Christmas", "Blessed Beyond Measure", the "25" embellishment and the cute little Elf's. I used Fiskar circle and scallop punches and for any circle size I did not have I used my Cricut Cutter to make them. I added a red rhinestone to the present and some pearl stickers to give it that elegant touch.

All of these papers are recycled from past Christmas projects. I am working on using up all of my scraps and papers I have purchased in the past. I feel guilty when I am tempted to purchase new paper, because I have so much I have not used yet. So the pearl stickers are the only new item I used for this project.

I took some of the ideas for these pages from Pintrest but I forgot to write down the information so I could give credit where it is due. This one is a little detailed but worth every minute I put into it. I hope you love it as much as I do. And to the ladies who suggested we do Christmas in July, thank you. I love the idea. So many of you are busy around Christmas time that you found it hard to make it to our December event. So this is for you.
Marye Bird

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Craft & Crop" Christmas in July guest list.

OK, here is the list of ladies who I show asked me to reserve a seat. If I missed anyone please let me know. Or if you have reserved a seat and will not be able to make it for some reason (Life) "-), Let me know ASAP.
Jenn P
Rita F.
Rita R.
Sue P.
Susan C.
Pamela H.
Candi S.
This means that I am full all seats are reserved. If you would like me to add you to a waiting list encase someone has to cancel please let me know. I am looking forward to our time together.
Marye Bird

Christmas in July for "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House

At last month event the ladies decided that we should do a Christmas in July and each person would make a card and reproduce it 8 times. When we meet on July 27 each person would pass out the card they created with instructions. Here is the card I will be sharing.

This is a neet little card and it carries inside a sweet surprise!

When you untie the ribbon and open it up you have a space where it holds a gift card or cash which ever you prefer. I found this design on Pintrestand fell in love with it. I will be sharing the 2 page scrapbook kit that you will be working on soon so check back. Hope you love this card it was fun making it.
Marye Bird
call or email me for seats at "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just-a scrappin Design Team Challenge

This challenge was Anything goes using any colors of choice create a celebration of  the all American past-time Baseball.

So her it is. I used the Cricut Cartridge Sports Mania. It has most sports events. I added the phase that I printed off my computer and framed a couple of times. I added some brown silk ribbon. Very simple and sweet. Hope you liked it.
Marye Bird

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Here is the Surprize Craft!

The surprise craft we did at "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House, was creating for ourselves the Tutera Burlap Flowers. I was walking through the craft store and my attention was drawn to these cute burlap flowers. Burlap is the big thing right now for weddings and such. When I checked out the package I saw that they had the David Tutera label on them, there were six in the package and I looked up at the price and my mouth dropped. $14.99 plus tax!!!! over $15.00 for six of these flowers. That was so wrong! I have made these flowers for years using card stock for various crafts and I was curious as to how much it would cost the average person to create them at home. So, I went to Jo-Ann's and purchased 1/8 yard of burlap and used a coupon 40% off it came to less than .50 . I had some left over Maudge Paudge (I don't have the container so I am not sure about the spelling) I mixed it 50% water, 50% Moudge Paudge. (You can use Elmer's white Glue, and there are many other stiffeners on the market). I dipped the burlap and squeezed it out, took it outside where I had a piece of string ready to hang the burlap while it dried.

 I took my pattern for the flower and printed it on card stock to toughen it up and used it as many times on the strip strip as possible. It came to 35 flowers.

It takes 3 flowers to create the finished 3-D flowers. So I can get 11 finished flowers with two left over.  It comes to less than  $2.50 per package of 6 flowers. You can take the pattern and make it any size you want, but there ya go. And these are so easy to make. The girls at "Craft & Crop" loved them. You can do so many things with them. Take some green burlap and cut out leaves and glue the flowers and arrange some green leaves on a hair clip to make a cute hair accessory.

Take one of the flowers and cut between two pedals all the way to the center of the flower, then cut the top off of  the next pedal. shape the flower into a cone and hot glue the half pedal to the back of the pedal on other side of the split you made to center of flower.

Then take the second flower and cut one of the pedals off by cutting to center of flower on both sides of the pedal. then cut the top off of the next pedal just as you did above. then shape in a cone shape and glue the half pedal to the back of the next pedal.

Then take the third pedal and cut off two pedals just as you did with the one above. Cut the top off of the next pedal as you did above and hot glue to back of next pedal as you did above. Save the pedals that you cut off.

Cut the bottoms off of the second and third flowers, you can do it before or after you hot glue them. I did mine after.
Then start layering them on top of each other according to number of pedals.
put glue around holes and push down into the bottom flowers.
Next take the two pedals you cut off the third flower and cut scallops to make 4 little pedals. Sorry I did mine crooked. Shape it into a cone and hot glue. Then.....

take the single pedal you cut off the second flower and make two scallops so it looks like a heart. Shape it into a cone and glue it around the one you just did.

Roll the pedals down and cut off the bottom of the cone shape and put glue in center of flower you just added layers to.
and there you have it. They sell burlap in many colors so have a blast with this.

This was too much fun. I hope you will try it for yourself and love it as much as I did.
Marye Bird