Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Here is the Surprize Craft!

The surprise craft we did at "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House, was creating for ourselves the Tutera Burlap Flowers. I was walking through the craft store and my attention was drawn to these cute burlap flowers. Burlap is the big thing right now for weddings and such. When I checked out the package I saw that they had the David Tutera label on them, there were six in the package and I looked up at the price and my mouth dropped. $14.99 plus tax!!!! over $15.00 for six of these flowers. That was so wrong! I have made these flowers for years using card stock for various crafts and I was curious as to how much it would cost the average person to create them at home. So, I went to Jo-Ann's and purchased 1/8 yard of burlap and used a coupon 40% off it came to less than .50 . I had some left over Maudge Paudge (I don't have the container so I am not sure about the spelling) I mixed it 50% water, 50% Moudge Paudge. (You can use Elmer's white Glue, and there are many other stiffeners on the market). I dipped the burlap and squeezed it out, took it outside where I had a piece of string ready to hang the burlap while it dried.

 I took my pattern for the flower and printed it on card stock to toughen it up and used it as many times on the strip strip as possible. It came to 35 flowers.

It takes 3 flowers to create the finished 3-D flowers. So I can get 11 finished flowers with two left over.  It comes to less than  $2.50 per package of 6 flowers. You can take the pattern and make it any size you want, but there ya go. And these are so easy to make. The girls at "Craft & Crop" loved them. You can do so many things with them. Take some green burlap and cut out leaves and glue the flowers and arrange some green leaves on a hair clip to make a cute hair accessory.

Take one of the flowers and cut between two pedals all the way to the center of the flower, then cut the top off of  the next pedal. shape the flower into a cone and hot glue the half pedal to the back of the pedal on other side of the split you made to center of flower.

Then take the second flower and cut one of the pedals off by cutting to center of flower on both sides of the pedal. then cut the top off of the next pedal just as you did above. then shape in a cone shape and glue the half pedal to the back of the next pedal.

Then take the third pedal and cut off two pedals just as you did with the one above. Cut the top off of the next pedal as you did above and hot glue to back of next pedal as you did above. Save the pedals that you cut off.

Cut the bottoms off of the second and third flowers, you can do it before or after you hot glue them. I did mine after.
Then start layering them on top of each other according to number of pedals.
put glue around holes and push down into the bottom flowers.
Next take the two pedals you cut off the third flower and cut scallops to make 4 little pedals. Sorry I did mine crooked. Shape it into a cone and hot glue. Then.....

take the single pedal you cut off the second flower and make two scallops so it looks like a heart. Shape it into a cone and glue it around the one you just did.

Roll the pedals down and cut off the bottom of the cone shape and put glue in center of flower you just added layers to.
and there you have it. They sell burlap in many colors so have a blast with this.

This was too much fun. I hope you will try it for yourself and love it as much as I did.
Marye Bird