Friday, August 24, 2012

Back To School "Craft & Crop" at Jo-Anns!

OK girls, here it is. This will be our page for August Craft & Crop night at Jo-Ann's in Hurst. I want to dedicate this design to all the teachers who influenced my life and the lives of my children and my 12 Grandchildren. It takes a special person to become a teacher. To stick with it when they have so many obstacles. I will never forget what you have done for us.  I will add the particulars later.

Back To School

I found this cute quote that really fits how I feel about all you teachers

I used Printing 101 which is a "Class Mate Cartridge created especially for teaching.
I love the puzzle pieces and all the fun things you can do with them.
For the pencil, books, and ruler, I used "All about School" cartridge another "Classmate Cartridge.

The font for this page is also from Printing 101. The chalk board was created with black paper with white core. I used my Martha Stewart Scoring board and made the lines and then used a sanding block to go over the raised lines and it gives it the appearance of the chalk boards from when I was a little girl. the frame was created using Printing 101. I hope you like this page it was fun creating it.
August "Craft & Crop" filled up fast so if you are wanting to attend the September session, you should sign get signed up soon the spaces are limited. You can even sign up over the phone.
Marye Bird

Monday, August 20, 2012

Blessed with "Signs of Full"

Blessed with “Signs of Full”

Baby Shower Invitation

I started off using my Martha Stewart scoring board, (one of my favorite tools). It comes with instructions on how to make a Gate Fold card. It will end up a 4 ¼ inch by 5 ½ inch card that will open from the center instead of the side or bottom. I love this style of card you can do so many cute things with them.

Next I used my computer and printer and typed Blessed with “Signs of Full” and the Bible Verse from Psalms 139:13-14. Then I took the Blessed phrase and framed it in dark green then again with lighter green and attached it to the top of the right front flap of the card. Then I took the Bible verse and framed it with dark green. I cut one white square ¼ inch smaller then the inside of the card and attached it in the center, then used scrap pieces of the patterned paper I had left and made two more frames and attached them in the center of the white one. Then took the Bible verse and centered it from top to bottom. Then I added some leaves for embellishment that I cut from Cricut Cartridge “Plantin Schoolbook” at ½ inch.

I used Cricut Cartridge “New Arrival” page 82 and cut the regular cut <mommy> at 5 inches with peach colored cardstock and then <mommy-s> with patterned cardstock at 5 inches. I cut it a second time using a different patterned paper to coordinate the cloths and accessories, then one more time with gold cardstock for the blond hair.  I tied 1/8 inch green ribbon around the bodice of the dressand the handle of the purse. Then cut a piece of cardstock to make the band on the hat. Then I used two small black brads on the hat and purse flap. Then I used more leaves to trim the bottom of the card. This card was just too much fun and we are actually going to give it to my granddaughter’s Sunday school teacher during her baby shower. 

You can see that the tummy sticks out past the center opening.
I hope you enjoyed this card and try making it, you will love it.
Marye Bird

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back-to-School girft Box

Back-to-School Gift Box

This is the Back-to-School gift box I created for my group who will be attending the August 25th "Craft & Crop"night at my Jo-Anns store in Hurst Tx. I took a pattern I found on Pintrest and added a piece to raise the back. I put items that my granddaughter would love to use in class and stuffed the box. FYI: This box is the French Fry style box. I used two sided cardstock for durability and so the inside would have a design too. I added at the top the use of a trim punch from Fiskars and the words came from a page I have had for 2 years. I framed them and add with foam squares. The glitter star sticker and A,B,C, bubble stickers I purchased at Jo-Anns they were on clearance.

The pensils I had from multiple Birthday party gift bags, The sticky note pad clearance item from 4th of July, the spiral and cute erasers & glue stick from the doller bin at Wal-Mart and Jo-Anns. This is a sweet gift you could give out to your students for the first day of school, and they where easy and fun to create.
Marye Bird

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unsceduled "Open House" at JoAnns Fabric & Crafts

For all my friends who love to take the classes at JoAnns, they have informed me that Sat. Sept. 8 they will be having an extra "Open House"! That means that you can sign up for any of the classes at 50% Off! So you come in or call and sign up over the phone all day long and you can get all the classes you want for Sept. Oct. schedule at Half off. Some of the classes have free supplies while they last so at half off and free supplies you are getting a great deal and can sign up for more classes. I will be doing a class showing how to create the Pop-Top Jewelry. So if you have seen my earlier blog there are samples of the different styles. If you have any questions call me at JoAnns in Hurst. When you are in JoAnns pick up the Sept. Oct. catalog and see the new projects that are available. We will have samples of them displayed during Sept. 8 "Open House".
Marye Bird

Monday, August 13, 2012

Recycled Jewelry for a Cause

My granddaughter is working towards a goal in Girl Scouts and she has decided to use as her project "Recycled Jewelry" The profits from this project will be divided between "The Battered Womens' Shelter" & a ministry at our church. They go to the poorest of poor in Africa and start new churches and help and encourage those ministering in them. This is a wonderful opportunity to help share the Gospel with those who have not heard. The Women's Shelter is a safe haven for women and their children who live in fear of abuse . To remove their children and themselves from a dangerous situation and emotionally unhealthy environment. The photos below show different styles available and you can choose the colors you like. If you find something you like or that you would like to give as a gifts. You can send your choice to You can pick up the finished product. Or if you see one you like, I can send you a invoice and you can pay through Pay pal. There are necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can purchase one or a set.


#1N. This style necklace comes with matching earrings ($10.00).

I can create these in any color you prefer.

#2N This is Style ($7.00)

 #3N This Style Larger bead sizes vary.  Choice of colors. ($10.00)

#4N This Style has Choice of 6 beads on bottom row. ($8.00)


#1B  This style of beaded bracelet in your choice of bead color ($5.00).
made with elastic cord to slip over hand easily.

Pop Top Earrings

#1E This style of earring can be made with any tone of colors you prefer. ($3.50)

Brown Tones

Blue Tones

Black & Clear

Metallic Pop Top Earrings

#1ME Green Metallic ($4.00)

#2ME Blue Metallic ($4.00)

We will be posting more styles soon. Hope you will help us with this project. Christmas is coming up and these would be nice for gifts. But, the gift of hope that you will be providing is the best gift ever.
Thank you for your interest and help
Brooklyn, Girl Scouts & Fort Worth City Battered Womens' Shelter

Monday, August 6, 2012


Entertainment Passbook Fundraiser
This is my sweet Grandson Bradley, He is showing us his new LD Bell Marching Band Uniform.
He was so excited and looked so pleased in it. But, it gets better.

Bradley who lives with us went from Bedford Jr. High Band to LD Bell High School Band and what a different world! Next to devoting Our life to transporting him three times a day everyday except Sunday for the entire month of August. Our next task as Band Parents is to take part in their fundraiser. We are offering the Entertainment Passbook to all who are interested in supporting the Band. They are $30.00. It is requested that each member of the Band sells 3 of these. After you sell 5 then you can get $15.00 from each purchase added to your son or daughters account to help with their fees for numerous events and such.
 It is very thick and has lots of discounts at so many places I can't name them all. You can purchase them from us or go online and purchase one and give him credit. You can also us their App.

If you would like to purchase one from your area to get the discounts all you have to do is send me your e-mail address and I can put it into the fundraising. with his account number and it will come to you and he will get the credit. So, please help if you can here is my e-mail address let me know. and thank you friends for your supporting LD Bell Band and Bradley

Friday, August 3, 2012

Celebrate "Love" Banner

It's Marye from Design Team #2, the challenge was "Celebration" My favorite celebration would be to celebrate Love, Love of God, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Crafts, Love of Friends. So I have created a "LOVE" Banner in celebrations of all of these things. We were to make a card, layout, or 3-D project. I chose a 3-D Project.

Materials needed:

Two 12 X12 sheets of white card stock

Two 12X12 sheets of card stock blue with white dots

Two 12X12 sheets of pink card stock

Two 12X12 sheets of "White washed" card stock named (Corner Hutch) pink

One 12X12 sheet of Gemstone "Diamond Pink card stock

Coordinating ribbon (long enough to tie bows on all four letters).

4 half pearls

Foam squares

glue of your choice

3 inch wide ribbon of choice to string banner from.

Banner layers were created using the Cricut cartridge Cake Basics, Page 33.
I cut the <Frame1> using the gray button "Base shadow Blackout" with white card stock 4 times at 5 inches.
For the second layer I cut the card stock 4 times "blue with white dots" at 4 3/4.
The third layer was cut with the same settings and solid pink card stock 4 times at 4 1/4 inches.
Finally using the pink "White Washed" card stock 4 times, same settings but changing the size to 4 inches.

Then ran it through my Sizzix "Texture Boutique".
(you can use any texturing tool).
Next I made the letters.
First I cut the regular Letters using the Cricut cartridge "Plantin Schoolbook" and the patterned paper with coordinating colors .
I cut L O V E at 3 inches. Then I used the pink Gemstone card stock and cut the same letters at the same size but cut them with the gray button labeled "Shadow".
I then layered the letters cut with patterned card stock on to the solid letters cut with shadow .
Glue the base (white card stock) and the layer with blue and white dots together, then take the pink layer and use foam squares and add it . Then glue the white washed layer with texturing next. Now take the letters and using foam squares attach them to each banner piece. Next, you can tie bows with your ribbon and add the half pearls to the center of the bows.

It is so cute! And so fun to create. Hope you enjoyed it.
Marye Bird