Monday, August 6, 2012


Entertainment Passbook Fundraiser
This is my sweet Grandson Bradley, He is showing us his new LD Bell Marching Band Uniform.
He was so excited and looked so pleased in it. But, it gets better.

Bradley who lives with us went from Bedford Jr. High Band to LD Bell High School Band and what a different world! Next to devoting Our life to transporting him three times a day everyday except Sunday for the entire month of August. Our next task as Band Parents is to take part in their fundraiser. We are offering the Entertainment Passbook to all who are interested in supporting the Band. They are $30.00. It is requested that each member of the Band sells 3 of these. After you sell 5 then you can get $15.00 from each purchase added to your son or daughters account to help with their fees for numerous events and such.
 It is very thick and has lots of discounts at so many places I can't name them all. You can purchase them from us or go online and purchase one and give him credit. You can also us their App.

If you would like to purchase one from your area to get the discounts all you have to do is send me your e-mail address and I can put it into the fundraising. with his account number and it will come to you and he will get the credit. So, please help if you can here is my e-mail address let me know. and thank you friends for your supporting LD Bell Band and Bradley