Monday, August 13, 2012

Recycled Jewelry for a Cause

My granddaughter is working towards a goal in Girl Scouts and she has decided to use as her project "Recycled Jewelry" The profits from this project will be divided between "The Battered Womens' Shelter" & a ministry at our church. They go to the poorest of poor in Africa and start new churches and help and encourage those ministering in them. This is a wonderful opportunity to help share the Gospel with those who have not heard. The Women's Shelter is a safe haven for women and their children who live in fear of abuse . To remove their children and themselves from a dangerous situation and emotionally unhealthy environment. The photos below show different styles available and you can choose the colors you like. If you find something you like or that you would like to give as a gifts. You can send your choice to You can pick up the finished product. Or if you see one you like, I can send you a invoice and you can pay through Pay pal. There are necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can purchase one or a set.


#1N. This style necklace comes with matching earrings ($10.00).

I can create these in any color you prefer.

#2N This is Style ($7.00)

 #3N This Style Larger bead sizes vary.  Choice of colors. ($10.00)

#4N This Style has Choice of 6 beads on bottom row. ($8.00)


#1B  This style of beaded bracelet in your choice of bead color ($5.00).
made with elastic cord to slip over hand easily.

Pop Top Earrings

#1E This style of earring can be made with any tone of colors you prefer. ($3.50)

Brown Tones

Blue Tones

Black & Clear

Metallic Pop Top Earrings

#1ME Green Metallic ($4.00)

#2ME Blue Metallic ($4.00)

We will be posting more styles soon. Hope you will help us with this project. Christmas is coming up and these would be nice for gifts. But, the gift of hope that you will be providing is the best gift ever.
Thank you for your interest and help
Brooklyn, Girl Scouts & Fort Worth City Battered Womens' Shelter