Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three Days Left!!!

Three more days till "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House. Here is your reminder, And we have a couple of spots open if anyone is interested. Contact me at or 817-595-5842 or
I have 4 resurvation requests  for spots for our Christmas in July already. I can't wait! Hope to see you this Sat. at 6:30 at my house.  We are going to have a blast!!
Our 4th of July Themed Projects
 Card Project
 Craft Project
2 Page Project

Monday, June 23, 2014

Love To Share!

My daughter is coming down from Missouri and we are going to have a party for 5 of my grandchildren. She wanted to do glow in the dark around the pool. I found this cool use of canning jars to make Lanterns with flame less candles. Here is how I did it.
All it took is a glue runner (you could use hot glue) but I wanted to use these for canning after the party is over. You need canning jars and scrap ribbon. Oh and some wire. I happen to have all of these items on hand.
take a piece of wire with jewelry tool you can form a loop at the end of the wire, Hold it against the jar and bend the wire around the neck of the jar, run the other end through the loop and bend it upward over the jar and put the other end under the wire and use the jewelry tool to form another loop catching the wire around the jar on the other side into the loop before closing it. This will make the handle for your lantern. Then you can decorate it any way you like. I had a bag of scrap ribbon I was just dying to use. 
I had some flame less tea lights and a couple of flame less wax candles. You can see how cute they will look around the pool
I tried to get a picture in the dark. I think they will be great. I saw someone else put pieces of tissue paper around the inside of the jars. That would be cool too. Also you can cut the end off of a glow in the dark stick and put the lid on the jar, shake it and it will glow specks for 8 hours. Make sure to use gloves and keep the lid on so the kids will not handle it. It is some kind of chemical so you don't want to get it on your hands.
Hope you enjoyed this and will try it at your next party.
Marye Bird

Love To Share!

I found this great way to print photos on fabric. I tried it and created a Baby Quilt for one of my managers at work. I am not making one for my newest Grandson Aiden. Here is a preview of the squares I will be using.

Here's how I did it. I just bought this can of Loctite spray adhesive (reposition able) spray. I saw this on pintrest. Cover your workspace first! I used a long folding table outside with paper over it. Cut your white pre-washed muslin fabric and iron it. Then cut the fabric 1/2 inch larger than a sheet of  8 1/2"X11" of printer paper. Lay the printer paper down on your covered table and lightly spray the entire sheet, take one of your pre-cut pieces of fabric and lay over the printer paper. Smooth it out so there are no wrinkles. Let dry, then cut the excess fabric from around the printer paper. Choose the photos you would like to print. My squares were cut at 6" and I take 1/2" seems, so you need to make sure you have room enough around the photo so you can cut them the same size as your other squares and have the photo end up near the middle of your squares. Then just print one at a time. For my printer I had to put the fabric side down. Yours may be different. One you have printed the picture, let it dry and then cut it the size of your other squares making the photo as close to the center as your can. Then peel off the paper from the back and iron them without steam to set the ink into the fabric. Then lay them out to decide how you want them placed for the Quilt. Then you can Begin to sew them together, add your trim and then your center padding then the back layer and pin together. After you pin you can sew down each seem around the squares. I am told that this is called "sewing in the ditch". I am waiting on one more photo before I can finish this Quilt, but what a family heirloom this will be. Hope you enjoyed this. I am sure I will be making another for each of my 12 other grandchildren. Thanks for visiting.
Marye Bird

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Craft & Crop" June 28 here is the Craft Project

This is the craft project I chose for our next get together, It is a Recipe album held together with binder rings. This way you can add recipes if you wish. I will make a couple of traditional recipes that we have at our family bar-B-ques. And you can add your own.

 I created this with patterned card stock over squares of chip board and then decorated it with the theme of Bar-B-que Recipes.

I used blue glitter paper layered under the bar-B-que grill and cut this grill using "From My Kitchen" Cricut cartridge. The hot dog came from "Everyday Paper Dolls" Cartridge I cut Barbecue with the oval with "From My Kitchen" along with the word "recipes". I printed "My Favorite" from my computer and framed it. This was easy and fun hope you like it. Can't wait to see you all June 28th at 6:30, don't forget your dish to share.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Craft & Crop" at the Bird House June 28th Card Project

Here is the card for 4th of July (Independence Day) theme for our card project. Susan requested that we make the magical slider card. You can make the base for this card and then decorate it for any occasion you need it for. I chose this cute stamp of a little girl in coveralls and colored her and her clothes in red, white and blue. Printed on white paper and framed with solid blue. Using foam stickers I layered it on silver glitter paper and then framed the glitter paper with solid blue too. Then layered it on a white piece of card stock that I attached three different festive patterned papers to and framed that with solid blue. I attached some read ribbon and tied a little piece of the same ribbon to that. I attached three pretty red rhinestone stickers to give it some bling. Last I found this precious quote that says it all.
Here you can see how it looks when it is slid open. You can use a stamp message, so when it opens they have a little surprise.
This was fun. I made this last year and did not feel comfortable sharing it at that time. But since it was a request, we will give it a try. Hope you like it and join in on the fun we have only 2 spots left, so get with me as soon as possible!
Marye Bird

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Craft & Crop" June Scrapbook Pages

Here are the pages we will be working on. I used "Stand and Salute" Cricut cartridge for the stars, fireworks, word "Freedom" , firecracker and word "USA". The banner came from a new cartridge I just purchased called "Creative Cards", the circle and scallop circle both came from "Holiday Cakes". Every thing else was hand created. Oops, the ribbon I purchased clearance at Jo-Ann's Crafts.

These little picture tabs came from the Cricut cartridge "Jasmine"
 The stars I cut using various glitter and metallic papers from Jo-Ann's Crafts. On sale!
I used gold shimmer paper to layer the firecracker, silver glitter  paper and a diamond sticker on the large star, and a gold brad on the smaller star.

I found these cute Star brads at Walmart! Did you know that the Walmart here in Hurst has started caring paper and scrapbooking stuff again. It is over in the fabric section. They have some real cute things "CHEAP!!"

I used a hole punch and weaved red ribbon through the banner and used foam stickers here and there throughout the pages.  Hope to see you on June 28.
If you would like for me to add you to the list. email or call me and let me know so far we have 9 signed up and two seat left.
Marye Bird
Phone: 817-999-8223