Monday, June 23, 2014

Love To Share!

I found this great way to print photos on fabric. I tried it and created a Baby Quilt for one of my managers at work. I am not making one for my newest Grandson Aiden. Here is a preview of the squares I will be using.

Here's how I did it. I just bought this can of Loctite spray adhesive (reposition able) spray. I saw this on pintrest. Cover your workspace first! I used a long folding table outside with paper over it. Cut your white pre-washed muslin fabric and iron it. Then cut the fabric 1/2 inch larger than a sheet of  8 1/2"X11" of printer paper. Lay the printer paper down on your covered table and lightly spray the entire sheet, take one of your pre-cut pieces of fabric and lay over the printer paper. Smooth it out so there are no wrinkles. Let dry, then cut the excess fabric from around the printer paper. Choose the photos you would like to print. My squares were cut at 6" and I take 1/2" seems, so you need to make sure you have room enough around the photo so you can cut them the same size as your other squares and have the photo end up near the middle of your squares. Then just print one at a time. For my printer I had to put the fabric side down. Yours may be different. One you have printed the picture, let it dry and then cut it the size of your other squares making the photo as close to the center as your can. Then peel off the paper from the back and iron them without steam to set the ink into the fabric. Then lay them out to decide how you want them placed for the Quilt. Then you can Begin to sew them together, add your trim and then your center padding then the back layer and pin together. After you pin you can sew down each seem around the squares. I am told that this is called "sewing in the ditch". I am waiting on one more photo before I can finish this Quilt, but what a family heirloom this will be. Hope you enjoyed this. I am sure I will be making another for each of my 12 other grandchildren. Thanks for visiting.
Marye Bird