Monday, June 23, 2014

Love To Share!

My daughter is coming down from Missouri and we are going to have a party for 5 of my grandchildren. She wanted to do glow in the dark around the pool. I found this cool use of canning jars to make Lanterns with flame less candles. Here is how I did it.
All it took is a glue runner (you could use hot glue) but I wanted to use these for canning after the party is over. You need canning jars and scrap ribbon. Oh and some wire. I happen to have all of these items on hand.
take a piece of wire with jewelry tool you can form a loop at the end of the wire, Hold it against the jar and bend the wire around the neck of the jar, run the other end through the loop and bend it upward over the jar and put the other end under the wire and use the jewelry tool to form another loop catching the wire around the jar on the other side into the loop before closing it. This will make the handle for your lantern. Then you can decorate it any way you like. I had a bag of scrap ribbon I was just dying to use. 
I had some flame less tea lights and a couple of flame less wax candles. You can see how cute they will look around the pool
I tried to get a picture in the dark. I think they will be great. I saw someone else put pieces of tissue paper around the inside of the jars. That would be cool too. Also you can cut the end off of a glow in the dark stick and put the lid on the jar, shake it and it will glow specks for 8 hours. Make sure to use gloves and keep the lid on so the kids will not handle it. It is some kind of chemical so you don't want to get it on your hands.
Hope you enjoyed this and will try it at your next party.
Marye Bird