Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Design Team Project "Teddy Bears"

I made this card a while back when a wonderful friend and coworker was moving far away. I changed it up to fit the request for this project.

I took a card base I had from an earlier project and a sweet picture I copies with my printer and framed the picture with green, yellow and orange. Then I found some left over ribbon from a fall project and glued a strip to my card. I then made a bow with the same ribbon and tied it together with some sheer yellow ribbon and cut it of at angles. I then made a bouquet of flowers using the paper quelling technique and attached them to a small piece of paper with glue dots. I trimmed the paper so you don't see much of it and then attached it to the center of my bow with more glue dots. then

I printed and cut out the phase and framed it with orange and black and used foam squares to attach it to the left bottom of the card. I love this one! My granddaughter snatched it as soon as she saw it. Everything for this card was created with left over supplies.

This is me again recycling. I love it!
Marye Bird