Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Christmas in July at Craft & Crop at the Bird House

We had a great time and the cards that these ladies created and shared with each other were so pretty. The have really come out of their shells and are letting the creative juices flow. I loved the cards. So, here they are. These are the ones I did, but each lady added their own touches to their cards. I want to thank you girls for all the time and supplies you put into these cards.

This one was designed by Susan P. So cute! The snowman was done with circles. Sorry I touched the Stickels glitter glue before it was dry. I will have to touch it up.
She added a scripture, I Love that!

This cutie was created by Rita F. I love that you get a treat along with a cute card.

This pretty card was done by Tobie, she is new to our group and we love her. She did a great job! I added a little ink around the candy strip to make it pop out just a little.

I loved the poem she added. So, beautiful and true. Thank you Tobie for this wonderful card.

This card was quickly created 25 minites before the start of our event, Deniz whipped this cutie up and what a card!

 She incorporated tags into her card. Tags are great for Journaling your photos or for adding more photos, and pockets add a little curiousity for the person who recieves the card.
 Very nice Deniz, a fun card to make.
 This beauty was created by Pamela H. She did some heat embossing, I have never tried this! It came out so pretty, and she added brads and an embelishment.
 She then did a little more on the inside of the card. Some were done in silver and some in Blue. I loved them both. Oh, so pretty Pamela!
 This card was done by someone in our group and they forgot to take it home. If this is your card, you can pick it up at our next event. I like how this person tilted the layers to grab your attention. Very nice idea! This one was heat embossed with the Blue.
 And inside Pamela used silver. Looks great!
This was another card left behind. I like the little swirls, thay remind me of small gusts of snow. Who ever left this one, I will save it for the next event and you can get it then.
I want to thank you all for a wonderful evening. And if anyone needs help with their pages we did, let me know and we can get together and finish them.
I am so looking forward to Aug. 23 for our next Craft & Crop at the Bird House. We will be working on a really cute card! And the them for our pages will be "Don't Mess With Texas" I have a list going for reserve seats here it is.
Debbie Y.
Susan P.
Pamela H.
Rita F.
Deniz A.
And if you would like to come contact me: 817-595-5842 Leave a message or email me: and give me your phone and email address so I can contact you. 
 Looking forward to it.
Marye Bird