Friday, July 25, 2014

"Craft & Crop" at the Bird House Page Kits

I spent a little time with Deniz (Craft & Crop" regular). And together we made an album. Then we proceeded to create pockets here and there on the different pages as we decorated them. I have had company for the past week with my Daughter and her three children and the two grandkids who live with us and it has been pretty cazy around here. But in a good way. I have not seen her for more than a year. So, with little time spent in the craft room, Deniz brought me a cool idea with the pockets. I created our pages with lots of pockets and tabs that you can add photos to besides the normal three to 4 that I usually make room for. You are going to love this! I saw the coolest rod iron picture easal that would be great for a pages like these, where you can put last years Christmas photos in the different pocket and share them when family and friends come over. They will be pulling out the differnt tabs with curiosity wanting to see what they will find next!
 Here they are.
 I cut the MerryCristmas with Jubulee Font CricutCartridge and it has three layers.
 I found this great Quote (just what it needed)
 Page 1  This is the first tab and it has four spaces on the four sides, and then three pokets with little tabs that pull out ready for journing about the photos you choose to attach.
 Than you can fit it right back in the pocket made for it.

  the next pocket down has a large tab. I used some pretty glitter ribbon that Deniz gave to me our night together crafting. I added a glitter brad to attach so you can pull it out of it's pocket. You can put photos on both sides if you which or one side and journal on the other side.
 The third pocket also has a large tab. I added a cute little tab to it to use when pulling it out. You can tie ribbon to it or like I did, just add some glitter glue. As with the last tab, you can put two photos or journaling.
 Here is the view of third and forth tabs, they are the same size, one is turned so that it sticks out higher than the other
 Then the next tabs are on either side of the normal photo spaces and you can journal about the photos.
 Page 2.
 I have one large tab that will take two photos and then two smaller tabs on each side of the normal photo spaces to journal.
Then I added some embelishments here an there. I cant't wait to do this one with you and add my ownphotos  

Hope you will join me and have a great time.