Friday, July 6, 2012

"Vacation Time"

OK Ladies, here it is "Vacation Time" I used one of my favorite Cricut Cartridges "Life's A Beach" I started with page 44 and cut the sun at 3 inches, then cut the sun again using the layers button and same size.

Next I took brown paper and ripped across the sheet at around 2 1/2 inches to create the beach and cut another brown piece to make the hill for the light house. I cut the seagulls at 4 inches.  The larger umbrella was cut at 4 inches with white paper and again using the layers button and green paper. The pail and the beach ball were done in white at 1 inch and then again with the gray layers button in in green.

Next I went to page 79 and cut the light house at 8 inches. Use black paper to cut the regular cut, then changed to white paper and pushed repeat last. I used the black as the frame of the light house and took the scrap pieces from the white light house and glued them in the empty spaces as shown. Then I used Blue paper and cut using the layers button and added them.

 To create the Scripture. (Psalms 139: 17-18) I printed it on white card stock added the cute little crab icon and cut it into a square shape the size I wanted, then I framed it in dark green, again in blue, then in white, and last in light green. And there you have it.

The frames were a little tricky. I cut the picture frame on page 45 and cut the back side off. I framed each one with blue and then used some scrap left over from some blue waves I cut from another project. I just added them to the bottom of the white picture frame.

I used the font cartridge "Jubilee Celebration" and cut the letters regular at 1 1/4 in orange , then again with the shadow button and green paper, after layer them, I glued them to white pieces of card stock and cut squares around them , then framed them with blue scraps  They were attached using foam squares.

The lifeguard chair was cut at 4" in white and again using the layers button and green paper. I cut layers a second time with blue to get the blue for the umbrella at the top of the chair. The round float was cut from white paper at 1" and I used acid free blue ink to detail it. The crab was cut at 1 1/4 inches

So there you have it.
Marye Bird
Just-a-scrappin Second Design Team