Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Layered Felt Flowers

I found this "Layered Felt Flowers" on Pintrest and fell in love with it. I would love to give credit to Kara Cook over at You can go there and print the free pattern. It is cute, vesitile, inexpensive and easy to create. For those of you who work with children, this is a great craft. You can make hair excessories using clips and such, hot glue it to a head band, put a pin on it and at it to a sweater, hat ect. You could even use it in many crafts, the choices are endless.

-Free downloadable pattern
-Felt or fabric scraps
-Sharp scissors
-Needle and thread
-Alligator hair clip
-Hot glue gun

Instructions:  Use your free pattern to cut out the nine circles.

Cut the slits around each of the circles.

Then to the left of each slit cut up to the end of the slit. so you have a space between each petal.

Then layer the circles on top of each other largest first. Once you have them layered take a threaded needle and go up through the center of your stack and back down a couple of times making it as tight as you can.  Make a knot and cut thread.
Now you can add an embellishment (I used a plastic rinestone) and attach with hot glue.

Cut 2 green felt leaves (there is no pattern, create your own) Turn the flower over and hot glue to the back side of the flower.

Cut a circle (I used one of the circle patterns) and hot glue it over the leaves . Then you can attach what ever clips and such to the back using hot glue. And there you have it! It is so cute and fast and easy. You can do so many things with them. Hair accessories (clips headbands and such), You could use pins instead of clips and pin them to a blouse, sweater or jacket. I love it!

Marye Bird