Friday, June 10, 2016

Here is this months Craft for tomorrow!

 This is the Box Album we will be creating your paper pack will be different but you get the idea.
 As you remove the lid, the sides of the box drop flat to show the pretty album inside.
 We will be using rescycled boxes for the base chipboard and covering the pieces in black card stock.
 Then you can add your own touches and ideas or take some from the sample.
 Flaps and pockets are fun to use.

  Side flaps!
 Top flaps! You be creative and add your own style. Use the papers I provided or use something you love.
Here you can see how the album sits inside the box when the sides are up ready to add the lid.
I really enjoyed figuring this one out. Hope you will join us tomorrow and create one of your own.
Marye Bird
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