Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Want To Share!

I found this idea from another crafter and I loved it! I wanted to share it with you. She is from another country and I could not read her instructions, but she makes some really beautiful projects.

She used a corner punch, I chose this Martha Stewart corner punch that I purchased today as a set. It comes with a matching edge punch. I had a 50% of coupon and purchased it at Michael's Crafts. I noticed that not all corner punches will work for this project so you will have to look carefully to see if the one you like will work. This was really close to the pattern punch she used.

Here is the tag, I print a sheet of card stock with what ever sentiment I want, and make sure that each one is far enough apart so you can punch them out one at a time. If you have a stamp that will fit inside your oval punch you can just punch out the oval and stamp each one.

Next you can take any chalk or ink and go around the edges, these are what I had on hand.
This is the oval punch I used, it is made by Fiskars.
I just punched the corner punch as many times as I could fit on my scarp paper as shown (you know how crazy I am for recycling those left over pieces of paper),  Leave a space between punches.
I cut the paper down the center and then cut each corner punch as seen above, then I trimmed a little off the bottoms and attached them to the ovals like so.

I love to put a foam square on the back of these and use them on a card or add them to a scrap book page. You can cut another oval and attach it to the back and make tags for gifts etc. I want to thank Moja papierowa kiaina for sharing this idea with me. I hope you make some of these out of your scraps and enjoy using them.

Marye Bird