Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Something To Shout About!"

"Bow Dazzling"
I wanted to share a wonderful organization named "Bow Dazzling". This Mom & Daughter created group are a God send to many young ladies going through a difficult journey. It was such a blessing that it has grown and grown. Many people have been touched and have come on board to donate their time money and efforts to keep it going and help all they can. "Bow Dazzling" is a non-profit organization created by Molly and her mom, Tisha. Molly is a cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2009 at the age of 15. After chemo, her hair started to grow back and she was ready to stop wearing wigs and hats. So, she started wearing headbands and bows and loved the compliments she received from friends and family. At visits to the clinic Molly and her Mom realized that other girls would benefit from the confidence boost that a pretty bow on a headband could bring to them. So, at the next visit they brought bows. Now the mother-daughter project has grown into "Bow Dazzling". "Bow Dazzling" Mission Statement: Providing headbands and bows to young girls undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious medical illnesses to give them encouragement and confidence. This group does many events and will come to you with the supplies that are needed to create beautiful bows and headbands. They will teach you to create them and make as many many as you can. Then they take them to the various hospitals and deliver them. I was blessed to meet them when they came to us at Jo-Ann's in Hurst, requesting a place to meet. We are privileged to have them on the first Sunday of each month. They meet back in our classroom from 3pm-6pm. This has been a great experience for me and my granddaughter and a couple of her friends. This is a great way to teach our young people how to give of their time for someone else. Our Girl Scout troop attended for their Special Projects. This fun way for you ladies to get with your groups and friends to do something enjoyable and worth while.  You get free instructions on various bow making techniques. Just bring yourselves and have a great time!

Visit their website
4401 Little Road
Suite 550-328
Arlington, Tx 76016