Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OK, here is the craft for "Craft & Crop" at the Bird House

This is cute and simple. I have made these little sour cream containers before, but this is made to resemble a carrot and is so sweet.

Here is how I made it. Cut your paper to 5"X 6 inches and roll like a cylinder use hot glue to clue it so it is shaped like a empty toilet paper roll. Then smash one of the ends flat and hot glue it shut. Add candy or some treat and then take a 5 inch piece of card stock in green and if you have a crimping tool you can use it but I did not. So, I used my Martha Stewart score board and scored the piece every 1/4 inch then folded it back and forth like a fan. Then I cut across the folds but not all the way. I left 1/4 inch. then I cut it in 3 or 4 sections and layered them on top of each other as shown above and hot glued them to the opening on the other end. Then smash the other end shut but in the opposite direction from the other end and used Hot glue to seal it shut. Then I cut a 2" scallop circle out of patterned paper and a regular circle with shadow and then regular cut at 1 1/4". then you can stamp your message on it. I also applied chalk ink to the edges of all three pieces. You can poke a hole at the top and the container and put a ribbon through to attach the tag. It came out really cut. Hope you have fun with this.
Marye Bird