Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our Craft & Crop project #1 of 3 Decorating a 6X9 Clip Board

I have been wanting to do this for a while now and you can find many examples of ways to decorate a clip board, but my favorite one is this style. You can use it as a note pad or you can put a photo in place of the not pad and hang it on the wall. I have made this one for my granddaughter and she loves it

I purchased thes words made from wood from Micheals Crafts. (1.50 eh)
my granddaughter chose Hello for hers. You can also cut the word you want from your cricut cartride, if youcut it twice you can layer it and make it look just like the wooden one I used

for the hole in the top of the clip on my board I used an assortment of matching ribbon I had in my stash. I also used some white lace that was given to me. I cut each piece about 7" and them trimmed if needed.

I used three gems plastic gems

I chose flowers for decorating the middle strip of paper from some I had on hand that I purchased from the 1.50 bin at Micheals.

The Large yellow flowere attached to the clip I made from cardstock. I love these flowers and you can make them any size. It comes from the cricut cartridge Plantin School I used 3 of them to make this flower.

I cut printer paper at 4" X 5"

I punched to holes at the top center and put yellow ribbon and tied in the back and trimmed and then put under the clip.

The cardstock I used for the top section was 6X6
The bottom piece was 6X3 and I butted them up together and then added the center strip to cover the seam. Before I attached the center strip I punched a sweet trim (2) from a new Martha Stewart punch I purchased on sale at Micheals Crafts. and added it to the top and bottom of the center strip and placed it where it was pleasing to the eye. I chalked everything. I cut the corners with an exacto knife and sanded around the entire board and then chalked it. I love the way it came out, I hope you enjoy trying it yourself. Or come to our next Craft & Crop March 12th at my home and make it with us.
If you would like to join in on the fun text me for more information. 817-999-8223